About Brukshotellet

Brukshotellet in Degerhamn on Southern Öland was built in 1890. Cement workers and seafarers have slept and eaten here since then – and continue to do so today. Here, you can experience an active Swedish factory town complete with a proper home cooked meal, a warm bed and, now and then, a couple of beers and a singalong with the locals.

Today, the hotel is run by the Nilsson family who have their roots in Degerhamn. In the old hotel pub Busan to be exact. That’s where a German sailor met a girl from Degerhamn in the 50′s. They eventually had three daughters who all still live in Degerhamn. One of them now runs the hotel with her family. Marion takes care of the books, her husband Bill cooks the good food, and their children Jens, Gabriella and Robert help out with everything else. You are warmly welcome to come stay with us.

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